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Why Donate?

We are very thankful for all donations that we receive. Donations are essential as we rely on them to develop and expand our programs to give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds better chances and opportunities to get into medicine.

Why Donate Regularly?

Regular donations are essential for small non-profit organizations like The Armitage Foundation. We receive some donations from organizations, however generous regular donations from you are so important for long-term planning and development of programs. It also helps with security and knowing what regular income The Armitage Foundation is receiving.

Giving Young People Opportunities

More Convenient For You

Regular income from donors means we are able to carry on increasing our reach to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds so they can have the same opportunities as others. By taking part in our workshops, young people not only can increase their confidence but also get the often-needed hands-on experience required to get into medical school and beyond.

Monthly donations, rather than a one-off donation, can often work better for donors! This way gives you the opportunity to proportionally give more than a single donation but the cost is spread across a whole year. This allows you to budget, making payments often easier to manage.
Regular donors also can see the impact of their generous donations throughout the year as well through our [however often] newsletter. This contains not only our news but stories of the impact that these donations have had on our young people and on improving the diversity and future of the NHS!


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