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The Problem...

We believe that any student with the capability and passion to become a doctor should be able to, irrespective of their background. Yet research shows that this is not the case today: a British Medical Association report called "The Right Mix" stated that less than 5% of medical students come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and half of all schools across the UK do not produce a single medical applicant. In contrast, the top 20% of schools produce 80% of successful applicants.

...Our Solution

Our approach to address this gap is a long-term intervention, supporting students throughout their educational journey (from building self-confidence and aspiration in year 9 to helping students secure medical work experience in year 11 or prepare for interviews in year 13). We run after-school programmes delivered by current medical students who provide living proof to students that medical school is achievable.

Our model

Who we work with to increase the diversity of UK medical schools

Those who have the aptitude and desire to study medicine, but who don’t come from traditionally the “right” background will be invited to participate in our programmes.


Our partner schools meet our target demographics, are committed to social mobility, and are within commuting distance of the university. Ideally they commit to facilitating our programmes for at least four years.


Medical schools that support a long-term approach to widening participation are key partners for us. We train Medic Ambassadors from each university to deliver the programmes to a high standard.


We improve social mobility and bring equity to young students while also transforming the NHS, with patients from all backgrounds receiving care from doctors they can relate to.

Our Journey

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