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Programme overview

"Inspiring the doctors of tomorrow, from all walks of life"

Our programmes are designed by medics, for young people. We believe that the key to achieving true impact is a long-term approach, with our programmes supporting students from an early age (year 8 or 9) all the way through to the point where they’re ready to apply to medical school (Years 12 and 13). All sessions are peer-led by current medical students, role-models who can show from example what it takes to get into medical school, and include at least one session held in a university setting, and a graduation ceremony.¬† A mix of theory and practice means that young people¬†from underrepresented backgrounds are empowered to pursue their dreams of studying medicine, thereby making the NHS truly reflect the people it serves.

Armitage Juniors

"Planting the seed of inspiration"

Armitage Juniors is a programme designed specifically for students in years 8 and 9 (aged 12 – 14). Each year will comprise of 6-7 sessions featuring a mix of fun, practical and theory-based training, including: communication skills; ethics; respiration; radiology; cardiology; advice on next steps; GCSE options.

Armitage Seniors

"Equipping students with the skills to fulfill their potential"

Designed for students in years 10 and 11 (aged 14-16), Armitage Seniors expands upon the skills and knowledge gained in Juniors and goes a little more in-depth, exploring in more detail the different career paths open to medics, offering advice on work experience and choosing the right A’levels. Tutoring is provided if needed.

Armitage Scholars

"Helping young people become the doctors of tomorrow"

Armitage Scholars is for people aged 16-18 (years 12 and 13) who want to study medicine. This programme will delve deeper into the information and skills developed thus far, as well as providing practical support on revision, interview skills, clinical aptitude testing and personal statements. Tutoring will also be available.

Leanne's Amazing Medics

Leanne’s Amazing Medics is where our journey began. Thanks to research funding from St. George’s, University of London, we know that our LAM programme worked, which is why we took the decision to expand upon the model with the introduction of the Armitage programmes.