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Please donate to support our work

We are in a crucial stage in our development as a charity, following support from Comic Relief and other private donors we are rapidly expanding our programme offering. We truly need your support to help us achieve our mission of creating lasting change in the NHS by inspiring students fro underrepresented backgrounds to aspire to medical careers.


How we use your investment

01. Staff

In order to grow our projects we would like to recruit part-time staff to build upon our current momentum. We would also like to be able to pay the medical students who deliver our programmes for their time, which enables us to recruit the best teaching staff possible.

02. Equipment

Paying for medical equipment to use during our programmes. We currently borrow different pieces of medical equipment to deliver sessions 2, 3 and 5 in Leanne’s Amazing Medics. As we expand the number of schools we reach this will no longer be tenable, so we must buy our own equipment to ensure our independence and scalability.

03. New Programmes

Developing new programmes. As mentioned in our Story we are developing two new programmes for GCSE and A-level students respectively to build upon the work we are doing with Leanne’s Amazing Medics. Additional funding means that we can build these faster and offer a long-term and continuous intervention to the schools and students we work with.