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Introducing The Armitage 100

You are invited to be a founding member of The Armitage 100! If 100 people donated an average of £15 per month, we would have a secure, diverse income of £18,000. That may not seem a huge amount, but to us it means the difference between sustainable growth and having to modify our activities. 

  • £5 a month – could pay for printing and resources for one programme for one year.
  • £10 a month – could cover the costs of training one Medic Ambassador to provide high-quality, consistent, peer-led programme delivery.
  • £15 a month – could help us to invest time and resources into developing our digital programmes.
  • £25 per month – could pay for a student to participate in our programmes.
  • £50 per month – could pay the costs for one student to complete Armitage Seniors (including private tuition for target GCSE subjects).
  • £100 a month – will pay for full delivery of one year of Armitage Juniors.